Review/Rating System

I like to keep things as simple as possible. 

You can pretty much find a summary of any book, drama, movie and etcetera on the Internet so I don’t feel a need to give a detailed summary (plus writing is my weak subject). For that reason, I choose to give a very simple summary/explanation ranging from one run off sentence to a paragraph or more. Then I give my own opinion about whatever it is I am talking about.

All of my opinions are based on what I think and feel about the subject. I am not a professional. I don’t review based on the quality of writing or acting (although that can affect my overall opinion) because like I said I am not a professional.  Who am I to judge what is good writing or acting? I give my review based on how I felt about the subject as a whole.  For example, I don’t care if the book was an easy read.  All I care about is whether I enjoyed the book.  The acting is horrible? I don’t care as long as I enjoyed the show.  Honestly those things may be the difference between loving and liking something, but I find the overall enjoyment more important. Keep in my mind we all have different opinions on what we consider an easy or hard read and terrible or excellent acting.  This also applies to makeup and skincare. My review and rating of the product is based on my own personal experience.  I have a different skin type and I look for products based on my own needs.  What works for me might not be the same for someone else and what works for them may not work for me.

To express my overall feelings I use a star system:

5+ stars – LOVE/AMAZING/HOLY GRAIL. I love the book, drama, movie or product. I would buy again/reread/watch again. Highly recommend.

4 stars – VERY GOOD. Might have been a few things I didn’t like or just didn’t have that wow factor. I might buy again/reread/watch again.  I would recommend. 

3 stars – OKAY/LIKE IT ENOUGH.  I enjoyed it enough and the pros and cons were about the same. It was not completely terrible but it was not spectacular either, just average. Might recommend for some people.

2 stars – BAD.  Cons outweigh the pros. I do not recommend.

1 star – NO/TERRIBLE. I can’t even think of anything good about it. I do not recommend.

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