Tony Moly Cats Wink Foundation and Powder

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

“Global beauty brand” Tony Moly is available at two locations here in Oahu, which makes it very easy to try various products.  Today I will give a quick review for two products, a foundation and powder, in the Cats Wink line.
I bought both products last November so I have used it enough to have a clear opinion.

I have the Cats Wink Shiny Skin Foundation in the shade Natural Beige.  The foundation has SPF20 PA++ and is suppose to provide a smooth and moisturizing coverage.  Unfortunately, I didn’t find the foundation to follow through.  Whether I used a primer (oil free, pore/smoothing, matte, moisturizing etc) or not, I always found the foundation to apply very patchy and hard to blend out.  I have tried various ways to apply the foundation (brush, sponge, hands) and I found that using an air puff (the puff that comes with cushion pacts) was the best.  Despite providing good coverage it emphasizes dry spots and I found at the end of the day, no matter what I used to set it, the foundation seemed to disappear.  I never find myself using this foundation and with more cons than pros I would not recommend it.
My final rating: 2 stars

Unlike the foundation I love the powder in this line.  The Cats Wink Clear Pact in Clear Beige is a great powder packaged in an adorable cat shaped compact. This powder does not provide a completely matte finish.  Instead it gives a soft but smooth matte (보송 보송) finish.  I have very oily skin with some dry patches and I find that this powder provides good oil/shine control (roughly 4 hours) and does not cling to the random dry spot. However, I find that with my skin type, it does not work well with moisturizing/glowy foundations. When used with a foundation that gives a glow, the powder does not seem to control shine (the finish is very nice but touch up is needed more frequently).  I personally found that it worked better with my foundation or BB creams that provided a normal to matte finish.  The powder gives good shine control without making my face appear very matte or dry.  I would recommend this powder if you want shine control without the overly matte finish.
My final rating: 4 stars

As part of my journey to declutter and keep only the things I use (or love using) I will be getting rid of the foundation and keeping the powder. 



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