Korean Movie: Deranged (연가시)

Monday, August 6, 2012

So here in Hawaii, the theater in Pearlridge is playing the Korean movie “Deranged” so my whole family went to watch it. Surprisingly it was very good/interesting especially for the sci-fi type genre that I usually do not enjoy watching. This movie starred Kim MyungNim (김명민), Moon JungHee (문정희), Lee HaNui (이하늬), and Kim DongWan (김동완).

Basically a mutated variant of the horseworm parasite, usually found in insects, infects thousands of people and causes them to literally commit suicide unknowingly. The huge death toll makes the situation an emergency health problem nationwide. With only one known cure a father tries to find the medicine for his wife and kids. His brother, a low level cop, is put on the case and discovers how far some people are willing to go for money.

This movie was well acted by the cast and the child actors were beyond adorable. Some moments in the movie are enough to bring tears to the eyes but no big sob fest will occur. There are areas in the movie that could have been better but when you look at the whole picture you do not even notice. My only concern was the translation because this movie was showed with English subtitles. The translation was perfectly fine, but to have an American appeal, in my opinion, they chose an unnecessary swear word. Given that the character was swearing Korean, he definitely was not saying F*** but something more milder. (This is not a big problem since there is almost no cursing but I just personally dislike translations that do that.) Before I forget, unlike some sci-fi thriller movies, this plot is not wild. There are no aliens or anything that could be 100% unrealistic, instead they take horsehair parasite that uses humans as their host rather than animals, and hence the whole mutated variant. Quite disgusting. Another thing I would point out on the side is the title of this movie. The Korean title of the movie is actually the name of the parasite and “Deranged” is the English title that still fits the movie (just think if they gave the movie the literal translation: “Horsehair Parasite” lol).  Anyways I give this movie an A- and definitely recommend this movie to others. The cast was good at playing their characters and the plot was interesting so if you live in Hawaii be sure to check out the movie playing at the theater in Pearlridge shopping mall.


PS.  Unfortunately the only drama I have seen with one of the actors from this movie was the daily drama “Daughter-In-Law” with Moon JungHee. For the others you could Google them and take a look at other dramas/movies they acted in. On a side note, Kim Dongwan is a member of the K-Pop group, Shinhwa. They have been in the business for such a LONG time and continue to promote together as one. Definitely check out their music and take a listen to their most recent song, released early 2012, Venus.

~~ Image from http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/c/c7/Deranged-poster.jpg ~~

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