Beef Broth Pescetarian

Monday, December 17, 2012

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As of December 8, 2012 I have decided to begin my transition to a (what I want to consider) Pescetarian diet.

Back on that Saturday, I went to my speech class for University and one of my classmates gave a Persuasive speech on leading a Vegetarian diet/lifestyle. So later back at home I did some research and was taking a look at PETA’s Vegetarian Starter Kit and watched the video “Meet your Meat.”

The video is a bit gruesome so I actually did not watch it but instead just listened to the narrator. I think that there was some exaggeration but I am not a professional so I don’t really know. Anyways from then on I decided that I would cut meat out of my diet but not fish. Honestly becoming a vegetarian doesn’t work for me at this point because I HATE VEGETABLES/EATING HEAlTHY and I LOVE SUSHI. So I figured I can become a pescetarian and incorporate more fruits and vegetables into my diet.  Slowly transition into maintaining a healthy diet…

However the other day my family ate the Vietnamese Noodles, Pho. My family usually gets the plain or seafood version of the soup not the meat. However after enjoying my delicious meal I realized that soup in Pho is actually a beef broth. Darn that goes against a whole Pescetarian diet.

However I decided that cutting out some meat is a whole lot better than just eating it. So I came to this ridiculous conclusion I shall be a “Beef Broth Pescetarian.” I will cut out red meat from my diet but I won’t nitpick about my soup base being meat. Does that make sense? I mean it’s not like I eat some sort of beef soup everyday. Idk maybe one day I will actually be able to cut out meat altogether and become a full vegetarian because honestly speaking I don’t ever see myself going vegan.

But my decision ultimately came from the fact that I felt bad for the animals and I would like to lead a healthier lifestyle. And making changes last means taking things step by step ^.~

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