Book: Paris Letters

Monday, June 22, 2015

Book: Paris Letters
Author: Janice MacLeod
Genre: Memoir
Rating: 5+ Stars
Favorite Quote: “We must know how to design our lives.  We are all artists, and each day is a canvas (240).”

Written by Janice MacLeod, Paris Letters is the book that inspired me to go out and create my own life. As I read her book I often found myself forgetting that it’s a memoir not fiction, especially since it focuses only on one portion of her life (roughly three years).

Paris Letters is Janice MacLeod’s story of trying to save enough money to give her a work free year, quit her copywriting job, and travel through Europe. During her stay in Paris she finds love and a new career doing what she loves, painting.

Words cannot explain how much I love this book. To give you some sort of idea of how much I love the book, I first borrowed the book from the library and after I finished reading it I decided that I had to own a copy.  Since I bought my own copy of the book, I have reread the book twice. 

Although her book does not focus on minimalism or living light, in trying to downsize to one suitcase for her travel, she got rid of many things and instead of emptiness she felt content.  This part of her story inspired me to look into minimalism and begin my own personal journey to living light.

Her discontent with her advertising job also made me realize that I don’t know what I truly want to do.  Although we all need to work in order to support ourselves do we really need to sacrifice our happiness?  Janice Macleod’s story proves that it is possible to do what we enjoy and live the life we want.

Janice Macleod’s story, unlike any other memoir, surprisingly impacted my life in so many ways.  Paris Letters inspired me to want to find and go after something I am interested in (working on it), live light/embrace minimalism (working on that too), travel (still dreaming), and most importantly it has reminded me that we can live the life we want.



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