Korean Drama: Phantom (유령)

Saturday, September 1, 2012

This is a belated review for the drama Phantom aka Ghost (유령). It stars So Jisub (소지섭) as Kim Woohyun/Kiwoong, Lee Yeon Hee (이연희) as Yoo Kangmi, and Um Ki Joon (엄기준) as Jo Hyunmin
Phantom follows the members of the Cyber Police Squad as they solve the murder of the actress, Shin Hyo Jung. This however leads to a bigger murder puzzle with the manipulation of one person who is out for revenge. Throw in some intentional mistaken identity, hackers, mystery and no romance (some flirtations here and there) and you got Phantom.   
This drama starts out AMAZING with strong characters and an extremely interesting plot. As I watched the first half of the drama it is very strong and I could not wait for the next episode, but then somehow I lost interest. Maybe it happened because the Olympics were being aired so they didn't air this drama for two weeks, but at some point it felt like a hassle to make time and watch. Looking back at this drama as a whole, the interest in the drama would have lasted if they did not drag out the main plot. After all the major events in the beginning (that leads to the main plot) there were a few episodes that were not truly relevant to the main plot. Like the scriptwriters put the side stories as their own episodes rather than fully incorporate it with the main idea. Do not get me wrong those episodes were very good but at the same time it added to the overall feeling the drama itself were dragged out.  Then there was the ending itself that was not as good as I had originally anticipated. I don't want to give huge spoiler or anything but after the final episode I felt like the plot itself sort of just gave up. The feeling is hard to explain so imagine this: you are working so hard on a project and it is going great. Then towards the end you begin to slack off and next thing you know its due. So you rush and give half the effort you had put in earlier. Then your teacher looks over your project and she is very excited because it looks very good but then your ending is only half as good. What grade does she give you? Probably a C+ or B-, the same grade I would give this drama (love my unnecessary explanation? Lol)
This drama's last few episodes felt like they were not well thought out but I was able to enjoy this drama considering everything else. The actors were amazing as the characters they were playing and the plot was an interesting idea. I honestly think that if the drama was not canceled for two weeks straight I would have better enjoyed the drama. So I definitely recommend you check this drama out or read episode recaps -- whatever you want to do!! Until the next blog post~~



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