Beautiful Oblivion

Monday, August 31, 2015

Part of Jamie McGuire's Maddox Brothers series, Beautiful Oblivion occurs in the same time frame as the events in Beautiful Disaster and Walking Disaster.  In Beautiful Oblivion, the story is told through Cami’s point of view as she falls in love with the second oldest Maddox brother, Trenton. I honestly liked Cami and Trenton’s story way more than Abby and Travis’s story from Beautiful Disaster and Walking DisasterI enjoyed how Cami and Trenton's relationship progressed, it never felt forced or strange. As a reader you could see that they were good for each other and brought out the best in each other. Jamie McGuire also did an excellent job building the curiosity and foreshadowing the ex-boyfriend’s identity and why Cami felt wrong for accepting her feelings for Trenton. After reading this book you will definitely feel the urge to reread just so you can catch all the hints with the newfound knowledge. I wish the author would write Trenton’s point of view because he claimed to always have loved Cami but as the reader we never get to really know why he suddenly approached Cami, how he felt during the time they were strictly friends, and when he learns the truth behind Cami’s reluctance to be in a relationship with him.  Although the back cover description (at the end) is exaggerated in my opinion, Cami and Trenton’s story will definitely grab your attention and leave you wanting to know more. I give the book 5 Stars and recommend it to those looking for a good new adult contemporary romance.


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