The Time That I Loved You & Oh My Ghostess

Monday, August 24, 2015

Two dramas that I have been enjoying recently aired their final episode and I am here to recommended them. The first drama, “The Time That I Loved You, 7000 Days”, is a 16 episode romantic comedy about two friends Oh Hana (Ha Ji Won) and Choi Won (Lee Jin Wook) who don’t realize that they are the right person for each other.  The drama was slow paced (in a positive way); light hearted and an overall good romantic comedy.  The lead actors took on their characters and had great chemistry with each other.  Some people may find the drama boring due to the slow pace but I personally thought that it was calm and moved at the right speed.  The plot did not feel dragged out and maintained the fun lighthearted feeling while allowing the viewers to get to know the back-story of the characters. I even found the ending to be perfect! If you are looking for a slow paced drama that is lighthearted and will give you a good laugh I recommend “The Time That I Loved You, 7000 Days.”

The second drama I enjoyed, “Oh My Ghostess”, is also a romantic comedy.  The story is about Na Bong Sun (Park Bo Young), an aspiring chef who can see ghosts, working for her crush, Chef Kang Sun Woo (Jo Jung Suk). Things become more interesting when the ghost Shin Soon Ae (Kim Seul Gi) possesses Bong Sun and the story unravels. This drama had me laughing from episode 2 and kept my interest until the very end. I loved the interaction between the characters and their individual growth as well. A perfect mix of romance, comedy, and some drama. This was a great drama from episode 1 to 16 and I highly recommend that you watch (but keep in mind the fun begins in episode 2&3).   

Below is a list of other favorite drama or movie the leads have also starred or featured in.

Ha Ji Won: The King 2 Hearts, Secret Garden
Lee Jin Wook: Spy Myung-wol
Park Bo Young: A Werewolf Boy
Jo Jung Suk: The King 2 Hearts
Kim Seul Gi: Flower Boys Next Door


*I watched both dramas on DramaFever and the images above are the screenshots I took.

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