The Face Shop "Clean Face" Skin Care Line Review

Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Face Shop "Clean Face" skin care line review

*Disclaimer: I bought all products with my own money!!~~*

The Face Shop is a Korean beauty store that sells both skincare products and makeup. Thankfully a store has opened up in Hawaii at McCully Shopping Center.

The "Clean Face" line consists of face wash, toner, lotion, essence, and cream. I also purchased the post acne brightening serum for scars. It is suppose to be good for those with oily skin and acne with tea tree oil as a main ingredient. I will review the products in the order they should be used.

The face wash does not dry out the skin but is able to clean the skin well. It is not foam or liquid formula but almost gel/cream like (don't really know how to describe it).
Unlike other toners, this toner does not dry out your skin and there is no unpleasant scent.
The serum was also very nice to use and had no strong scent either. When you put on the serum you only need one pump. There is no sticky feeling and your skin is able to absorb the serum quickly. Although the product is good in texture and scent, I do not see any result/change in my post acne scars.    
After the serum, you then apply the lotion. When applying this lotion there is no sticky feeling on the face but rather your hands (which goes away after applying the other steps). It is not very moisturizing but does provide some moisture. Despite the packaging, the lotion comes out quickly so you have to be careful.
The essence is the second to the last step and come in a bottle with a pump -- very irritating! So I like that this product is light and not sticky but it eventually gets harder to pump out. I actually have to take the pump out and try to shake some of the product onto my hand.
The last step of this line is the cream. Despite being called a cream, it has more of a gel like texture and does not moisturize very well.

Overall I love and hate this skin care line. It is not very moisturizing but it does a decent job at keeping my face less oily throughout the day. It does not help with the actual problem of my acne/pores as it is said to do. So i would give this product a C. 


PS. Don't forget that my opinion is based on my own skin. Everybody has different skin types that react differently. While this skin care line did not help my skin it does not mean it won't work for another person. 

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