The Producers

Friday, August 28, 2015

As my premium subscription to DramaFever comes to an end, I binged watched the popular drama, The Producers. The story follows Tak Yejin (Gong Hyojin) the PD of Music Bank who likes her best friend and fellow KBS PD, Ra Joonmo (Cha Taehyun), and Rookie PD Baek Seungchan (Kim Soohyun) is placed into Ra Joonmo’s production team, 2Days1Night, where popular idol Cindy (IU) is casted as a member.  

Filmed like a mockumentary (think Parks & Recreation) the drama is unique in its own way where it not only follows the relationship between the characters but also shows a glimpse into the life of a PD. A romantic comedy that is only 12 episodes long, it definitely makes you laugh while being heart warming at the same time.  The actors prove to have amazing chemistry with one another and took on their characters flawlessly. There were also many cameos made by other famous actors/singers/entertainers. The story is not dragged out and moved along at a good pace. I definitely recommend this drama and give it 5 stars!

Below are the drama/movies I recommend that feature or star the actors from The Producers.

Gong Hyojin- Sangdoo! Let’s Go to School, Thank You, The Greatest Love, and It’s Okay That’s Love

Cha Taehyun- My Sassy Girl

Kim Soohyun- Dream High and Moon Embracing the Sun

IU- Dream High and You’re the Best Lee Soonshin


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