Book Recommendation: The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Before I even go into details I must emphasize how much I loved this book!! It was an amazing read that I highly recommend.

So as brief as I can be about the story, there is a circus where two "magicians" are bounded together force to compete. However because it is taking place in the traveling circus, every person who is a part of the circus is indirectly involved in the games.

That is all I can say because I will not be able to say anything else without spoiling the story (I somehow always manage to tell more than I should lol~~). However I can say that the imagery the author uses is absolutely stunning. As I was reading I felt as if I was watching a silent film in my mind, and the actual reading was a narration. Without being overdone, Erin Morgenstern, is able to describe the circus, the people, the scene, etc with such detail the images just form in your mind naturally.

Like the circus she describes, you read from one chapter to the next not knowing whose point of view you may read from or what will come next. A majority of the book is obviously spent on the two main magicians point of view but I enjoyed being able to read from the point of view of a few select players attached to the circus. The Night Circus was such a captivating book I was disappointed when I had finished reading the story. The ending was just as magical as the whole story and not at all disappointing plot wise, just the fact that I had quickly finished the book left me sad, literally like the "rêveurs" when the circus leaves their town (The "rêveurs" were hardcore fans of ‘The Circus’).

I give this book an amazing five out of five stars!!~~



~~ The picture is a cover of the book that I took for instagram (even the cover is magical lol) ~~

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