Makeup Tutorial: SNSD September 24, 2012 Hey! Hey! Hey! Performance Look

Monday, September 24, 2012

Today on the Japanese music show Hey!Hey!Hey!, Girls' Generation performed three of their Japanese singles – Oh!, Mr. Taxi, & All My Love is for You.  During their performance for the song “All My Love is for You” I noticed that the members all had a very simple and similar eye makeup. So this post is literally a no tutorial makeup tutorial.

So for this look all you need is eye primer, matte skin tone highlight, shimmery champagne eye shadow (Ex. Urban Decay’s Sin), black eye liner of your choice, and black mascara.

Step 1. Apply your eye shadow primer all over your lid and on your bottom lash line.
Step 2. Apply your champagne colored eye shadow all over your lid, slightly above the crease. Blend so there is no harsh edges.
Step 3. You also want to apply the same champagne color along your bottom lash line, focusing mostly on the inner third.
Step 4. Using your black eyeliner, you want to thinly line your upper lash line and extend it (either straight or slightly winged).
Step 5. Apply some of your matte skin tone highlight under your brow bone. Then curl your lashes and apply your mascara.

Super simple right!!?



~~ Image of Tiffany is a screenshot I took of the performance ~~

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