Ailee (에일리) “I Will Show You” (보여줄게) Inspired Look

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Image is a screenshot from one of her performance

So earlier this fall amazing solo artist, Ailee (에일리), did her comeback with the song “I Will Show You” (보여줄게). Throughout her performances she had this amazing eye look that was very similar but ranged in degree of smokiness.

So I have attempted to recreate the look but beware for extremely crappy lighting that makes the look extremely washed out. However this look is super simple and doesn’t even require eyeliner. All you really need is two shimmery brown, one light and one darker than the other.  For this look I used my favorite quad from The Face Shop in the color “Gold and Brown.”

1. As usual prime your eyelids and take the lightest brown shade on the bottom left and apply it all over your lid past the crease.

2. Then taking the darker brown shade, create the outline of the wing).

3. Lastly fill in the wing with the same brown shad and blend inwards. Feel free to darken the look or keep the look light and natural. Don’t forget to curl your eyelashes and apply mascara.


PS. I have included another picture of how the look actually came out in different lighting. Hopefully I become better at lighting and other stuff important to taking pictures… lol ^.~ 

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