Korean Movie: Sunny (써니)

Friday, August 3, 2012

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My extremely brief summary of the movie “Sunny”
This film was directed by Kang Hyeong Cheol (Speedy Scandal) and released in 2011. It stars (actresses listed by who played the older and the younger version of the character): Yoo Ho Jeong and Shim Eun Jyung as Lim Nami, Jin Hee Kyung and Kang Sora as Ha Chun Hwa, Ko Su Hee and Kim Min Young as Kim Jang Mi, Hong Jin Hee and Park Jin Joo a Hwang Jin Hee, Lee Yeon Kyung and Nam Bora as Seo Geum Ok, Kim Sun Kyung and Kim Bo MI as Ryoo Bok Hee, and lastly Yoon Jung and Min Hyo Rin as Suji.

“Sunny” is a flashback type film with the seven main characters now in their middle age living their lives and thinking back to when they were in high school. Back when they were in high school the seven girls were good friends but a situation occurs and the girls all lead separate lives. Years later one of the girls begin to search for all her friends to finally reconnect. By meeting with each other they begin to remember all their dreams and hopes that they once had as teenagers and find their inner selves that was hidden.
Personally, I would give this movie an A+, because I truly loved every part. The whole concept of the film, with the flashbacks was played out smoother than I had initially expected. The actresses had such good chemistry; it was as if you were really watching the interactions of true real life friends. Overall the movie was bittersweet, with there being many LOL moments and those that really touched the heart. The movie also gave a glimpse of the 1980’s and as a viewer you get a genuine feel of that time period thanks to the overall scene, background music, as well as the attire they wore. Although this movie is based solely on female characters, this is definitely a movie both guys and gals can watch. If you are searching for a good movie to watch, “Sunny” should be on the top your list!
Ps. Dramas (I watched) that some of the actresses have acted in include: Poseidon (Jin Hee Kyung and Kim Sun Kyung), Operation Proposal (Park Jin Joo), Dream High 2 (Kang Sora), Bad Guy (Shim Eun Kyung), The King 2 Hearts (Lee Yeon Kyung), Big (Ko Su Hee), and Rosemary (Yoo Ho Jeong).
~~ Image from http://www.hancinema.net/main-trailer-released-for-the-upcoming-korean-movie-sunny–2010-29148.html?showspoiler=1 ~~

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