Jiminel (AOA) Inspired Makeup Tutorial

Friday, August 31, 2012

If you have been following K-Pop this year, you will have noticed that like last year there are tons of new groups making their debut. This is a makeup tutorial inspired by Jiminel, the leader of the group AOA aka Ace of Angels. They debuted this past summer with the song 'Elvis' which kind of grows on you but does not become a favorite go-to song.

For this look you will need black eyeliner (gel or pencil), green eye shadow (preferably one that has shimmer or glitter), gold and silver glitter eyeliner (you only really need one), and black mascara.

After you prime your eyes, taking your black eyeliner you want to line your top lid and create a wing.
The next step is to line under your eye and connect the line with the top line.
Go over your bottom eyeliner with the green eye shadow then take your glitter eyeliner and go over your bottom line again.
The last steps are to line your water line then curl your lashes and apply mascara. Finished!



Ps. The picture of her eye shadow is a screenshot from the official music video for 'Elvis' so be sure to check it out!!

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