Korean Drama: The Girl Who Sees Smells (냄새를 보는 소녀)

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Image is from SBS's official drama page

The Girl Who Sees Smells (냄새를 보는 소녀) stars JYJ’s Park Yoochun as Officer Choi, actress Shin Sekyung as Oh Chorim/Choi Eunsol, actress Yoon Jinseo as Lieutenant Yeom and actor Namgung Min as Chef Kwon.

The drama follows Oh Chorim/Choi Eunsol, a girl who can see smell, and Officer Choi as they try to solve the barcode chain murder mystery and fall in love. Wikipedia has a great summary of the plot if you want to know more in detail.   

I would rate the drama 4 out of 5 stars and definitely recommend others to watch if they want something with romance, comedy, and suspense.  Despite the fact that the murderer is revealed early in the drama, the interest in the drama remains.  Although murder is involved the drama successfully, in my opinion, manages to keep the overall mood lighthearted and fun until the end.  To be honest the ending was a bit dragged out and the producer/director/writer (whoever is in charge) could have wrapped up the story quite nicely by the end of episode 15.  Although I did enjoy the final episode (16) I couldn’t help but think how ridiculous it was to drag it out but at the same time it truly did put an end to the chain murder. 

Here in Hawaii, the drama just aired its last episode on June 18, but you can find the drama on Drama Fever under the name Sensory Couple (the original/working title) if you have not seen it yet.

If you are interested in seeing other dramas with Park Yoochun I have watched, enjoyed and recommend Sungkyukwan Scandal, Miss Ripley and Rooftop Prince. 
If you are interested in seeing other dramas with Shin Sekyung I would recommend High Kick Through the Roof and Deep Rooted Tree (my personal favorite).  She also acted in Fashion King but it was a ridiculous drama that I would not recommend.
Unfortunately I have not seen any other drama or movie that Yoon Jinseo and Namgung Min have participated in, but I did enjoy their performance in The Girl Who Sees Smell so I will consider watching their future dramas.


ps. The OST is amazing! My favorite song is "Confusing" by Jubi and Jang Yi Jeong.

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