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Friday, June 26, 2015

The Face Shop has three locations here in Hawaii - McCully, Ward and Waimalu.  I have been to all locations and for some reason I prefer the McCully and Waimalu location.
This is a quick mini review on three face primers, the Velvet Skin, Moisture Pore Balm, and Oil Cut Pore Balm.

Of the three primers, Velvet Skin is definitely my favorite and a cheap alternative to the Smashbox Photo Finish primer.  It is packaged in a white bottle with a pump and comes out as slightly white gel.  It blends out clear on the skin and does a great job of smoothing the face. It does not control shine as much as the Oil Cut Pore Balm, but I also never found myself getting excessively oily either.

I finished using the Oil Cut Pore Balm last month so I do not have any pictures but it came in the same package as the Moisture Pore Balm but in a blue package. Both of the primers come in a balm form and while the Moisture balm is pink the Oil Cut is slightly yellow/clear tint, but they both blend out clear.  The Oil Cut Balm is also a favorite because it really help keep the skin matte and smooth.  If I did not feel like wearing any foundation or BB/CC cream, I could just use the Oil Cut Balm to help control the shine on my face.  The only reason why I might not repurchase this product is due to the package. It didn't bother me at first, but unlike the Moisture Balm, the Oil Cut only came with a sponge and no spatula. So unless I had an extra spatula on hand, I had to use my fingers/or sponge to apply the product, which also meant I had to keep dipping into the product.  On the other hand, the Moisture balm came with a spatula and a sponge (half a round). The spatula made it easier to scoop out a desired amount of product.  However the Moisture Balm was my least favorite out of the three primers. While both the Velvet Skin and Oil Cut made the skin smooth and foundation application even, the Moisture Balm made the foundation application worse. The Moisture balm was not very moisturizing and although it did smooth the skin the foundation application was never even or long lasting.

My rating for the Velvet Skin and Oil Cut Pore Balm is 4 stars and 1 for the Moisture Pore Balm.  I will be getting rid of the Moisture Balm and finishing up the Velvet Skin.



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